Clinical Features

Hair loss is patterned and non-scarring with preservation of follicular ostia. In men there is a frontal hairline recession associated with thinning or balding of vertex or crown.


The diagnosis in male pattern baldness is based on purely clinical examination.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Age:The hair can start at any age from puberty onword with average age of onset in 30s. Most of females with androgenic alopecia have history of gradual scalp thinning Often over a period.
There is h/o of tellogen effluvium(Excessive hair loss) which may predate a clinically obivious reduction in hair density showing a widening of central parting with diffuse reduction in hair density mainly affecting frontal scalp and crown.
Frontal hair line is typically retained.
Ludwing grading is most commonly used for FPHL. The Ludwig Classification uses three stages to describe female pattern genetic hair loss:
  • Type I (mild)
  • Type II (moderate)
  • Type III (extensive)
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