Reconstruction Upper& Lower Limb

The Human Hand is one of the marvels of evolution, unsurpassed in its dexterity and sophistication. Naturally special skills and knowledge are needed to put it back to work when a problem happens to the hand, be it an injury in the work place or an infection. When children are born with hand deformities, it calls for ingenuity to make it functional.
With the advent of microsurgery and enhanced knowledge of the mechanics of hand function, Hand Surgery as a speciality began to evolve. Better results are now obtained when surgeons who are trained in Hand surgery deal with the problems of the hand by
  • Reimplantations and revascularization
  • Flap surgery.
  • Tendon repairs.
  • Tendon transfer for nerve injury.
  • Bone fractures treatment.
Since the conquest of the upright position, the lower limb has gained more importance as an organ that supports the whole body weight and that allows humans to stand up, walk, run, jump and climb.
Despire these specific and unique features, lower limb reconstruction has been underestimated for many years, and amputation was considered the treatment of choice for large lower limb damage.

But timely plastic surgery intervention can save many limbs by

  • Revascularisation
  • Microvascular surgery.
  • Flap surgery.
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